Fall Intramural Program

The intramural program is geared for players who love the game of soccer and want to keep playing in a fun yet competitive environment, while not committing the additional time and effort necessary for a travel team.


The current Intramural Registration Fee is $95 per player for each division


Intramural Divisions  (mirrors the NJYS travel format for league age, field size, and game structure)

U8 Division


U9/U10 Division


U11/U12 Division


U13/U15 Division ***

*** High School Freshmen are eligible for the U13/U15 Division based on approval from the WT Soccer Board ***


Important Information for the upcoming season

Registration typically opens up by mid April.


Team Drafts typically take place during the last week of July.


Practices last one hour and they are held typically twice a week on weeknights.  Time slots are either 5:30PM to 6:30PM; or 6:30PM to sunset.  Please understand that practices are scheduled at your coach's discretion, so the WT Soccer Board cannot predict the exact nights and times that your coach will select.  Practices will begin in early August and they typically conclude about early-mid October due to the loss of daylight (practice fields do not have lights).  Therefore, practices will continue throughout the beginning of the season even after the official games have begun.


Official Season Games start after Labor Day and they typically wrap up by Thanksgiving (weather permitting).


U8 practices and games are held at Orchard Valley Middle School.  Games are played on Saturday mornings.  U8 is still considered an instructional league, so no official scores or standings are kept.  No playoffs are held for U8.  Each player will receive an end of season participation award.


U9/U10 practices and games are held at Chestnut Ridge Middle School.  Games are played on Saturday mornings.  U9/U10 is considered a competitive league, and official scores and standings are kept.  There is an end of season playoff tournament.  Only the players on the 1st and 2nd place teams will receive end of season awards.  End of season participation awards are not provided.


U11/U12 practices are held at Chestnut Ridge Middle School.


U13/U15 Boys practices are held at Hurffville Elementary School.


U13/U15 Girls practices are held at Orchard Valley Middle School.


U11/U12 and U13/U15 games are typically played at night "under the lights" at Washington Lake Park.  Games are played on Sunday thru Thursday nights, with start times beginning at either 6:30PM or 8:00PM.


Why is my child being placed in an older division?

We get this question a lot.  Please understand that WT Soccer follows the guidelines set forth by US Club Soccer for determining the appropriate league age of players.  Therefore, the registration service used on our website places players in their appropriate division based on the player's birth year, not their current age at the time of registration.  And clinic and intramural soccer uses the format of "U" followed by the respective age number, which means any player who is UNDER that age number is eligible for that division.  For example, the U8 division is open to any player who will be under the age of 8 for that entire calendar year.  So if your child will turn 8 years old during the current calendar year, then he/she would be eligible for U9.  This is not to be confused with other sports programs (like baseball and softball) that use the designation of 8U.  In that case, 8U means that anyone who is 8 years old or younger can participate in that program.  Soccer is different.  The place of the "U" before the number is the key difference for soccer.  Other sports programs use the number followed by the "U".

See the chart below for more information.

Soccer Birth Year Matrix
Orchard Valley Fields
Chestnut Ridge Fields
Washington Lake Park
WT High School Fields

Need more Information?

Please send any questions to the following:

Boys Intramural - Danielle Quay   boys.intramural@wtsoccer.net

Girls Intramural - Mike Keenan   girls.intramural@wtsoccer.net